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Ropa Sans Serif

Ropa Sans Serif

Version ID: 716426 Full Font Name: RopaSansPro-Thin Family name: Ropa Sans Pro Thin PostScript name: RopaSansPro-Thin Format: OpenType OTF OpenType OTF Version: Version 2.001; build 0009 Glyph count: 927 File size: 111,364 Character Sets: Any OpenType Features Basic Latin/English letters Uppercase Lowercase West European diacritics Euro Digits Old-style Digits Ligatures Extra Ligatures Historical Forms Central Europe Baltic Turkish Romanian Cyrillic Greek Modern OpenType Alternates OpenType Fractions OpenType Superscript OpenType Subscript Other OpenType Dingbats & Symbols OT Features: aalt case ccmp cpsp dlig dnom frac hist kern liga lnum mark mgrk mkmk numr onum ordn pnum salt sinf ss01 ss02 ss03 ss04 subs sups tnum zero
Price: 5.00лв.

Detailed Description
Code: 716426
Manufacturer: N / A
Weight: 0.000 Kgs

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